Re: which chip set for replacement db9f between ts570s and computer USB port??


It‘s the familiy of FTDI 232 chips then. They make not that many provlems compared to other usb-to serial chipsets. There were a lot of reported problems with Prolific usb-to-serial adapters, specially whent it comes to multiples instances. Actually, I believe it is (still) the windows driver implementation of the prolific chipsets. In addition, there was an issue with counterfeir prolific chips built in in a lot of ‚serious’ usb-to-serial converters. The driver refused to work with those chips, which is understandable but nevertheless frustrating. Ironically, you’ll find those fake chips in brand names.....
Recently I saw a ‚CH340‘ chipset and driver together with china made arduino and esp8266 boards. They seem to work pretty well in Windows and *Tux environments.

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