Re: FT8 & DXLab

Danny Douglas

Yes.  I have hundreds, if not thousands of ft8 contacts worked with wsjt-x and logged with spot collector, which also sends those contacts to LOTW.  I allow Commander to control my rig, and once set up everything works just fine with my ts570s transceiver. Just look up the DXLab suite of programs in GOOGLE, for the Lab program suite.

QSL Bureau, DIRECT, LOTW Preferred, eQSL used but upload at a courtesy only, as do not use the system for awards.

On June 23, 2019 at 5:26 PM Herb Garcia <hpgarcia70@...> wrote:

I want to do FT-8. Does DXLab work FT-8 and will it log your contacts?

Herb Garcia, KM6JBI

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