LOTW download inconsistencies

Mike - AA1AR

When checking for new QSLs on LOTW recently, I received the following popup text box on one particular QSL:


Resolve inconsistency between logged data and LotW data


Call: xxxxxx, Begin: xxxxxx     00:00:00, Band:  Xm , Mode:  xxx

logged CNTY: FL,St. Lucie      LotW CNTY: FL,SAINT LUCIE

overwrite logged CNTY with Lotw CNTY?

     YES      NO



DXKeeper has  “FL,St. Lucie” in its list of Counties, and LotW sends “FL,SAINT LUCIE”.


So, what’s the right answer to the text box?  Is there a wrong answer?  Does it even matter?


I’ve had this situation come up every so often, and I usually just change it to the lower case

version that DXKeeper is happy with, but today I thought I would ask the group.


73 & Thanks,  Mike – AA1AR

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