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Thank you. Very informative and to the point as usual. I am crossing my fingers and sleeving up.
Will keep you posted.

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From: Dave AA6YQ <aa6yq@...>
Date: 20/06/2019 08:08 (GMT+02:00)
Subject: Re: [DXLab] DXCC award. questions before the inevitable

+ AA6YQ comments below

I once read in an email reply of yours to a fellow colleague inquiring about the submission to the dxcc award through dxkeeper that this operation is NOT FOR THE FAINT OF HEART, or something in this meaning.

I them tagged this email reply because it contained a link to dxlabwiki documents that explain a step by step procedure to this end.
Reading the document on wiki, confused me a lot because it lead me from one necessary step (linked to another wikidoc) to another.

This said, I postponed my application for nearly a year now. But I feel I want to apply now to various DXCC awards, including 5Bdxcc, WAZ, WAS, etc...
Before I do that I have various questions:

1- In general, why do you say that this operation is not for the faint of heart? what are the hazards involved.?

+ I use that phrase to describe the process of having DXKeeper download one's DXCC credits from the ARRL web page, and link those credits to logged QSOs. This process is described here:


+ It is "not for the faint of heart" because approximately 25% of the DXCC credits created from QSL cards submitted to the ARRL contain incorrect information, either due to data entry errors or due to shortcuts taken by the data entry personnel. DXKeeper can automatically link DXCC credits to logged QSOs that exactly match, but the user must manually link DXCC credits to QSO's that don't exactly match.

+ The above process is only necessary if DXKeeper wasn't used to generate all DXCC submissions containing QSL cards. When DXKeeper is used to generate a submission, one can update one's logged QSOs to reflect the granting of DXCC credits (after the application is approved by the ARRL) with a single mouse click.

2- what is the difference between applying through DXK and directly through LoTW? is it the consolidation of the confirmed QSO through eQSL? do the eQSL confirmation  count towards the DXCC awards?

+ If you use LoTW to generate a DXCC application, it will choose the LoTW-confirmed QSOs to submit. Its algorithm for selecting QSOs is primitive, resulting in more QSOs being submitted than necessary, which increases the fee. DXKeeper uses a multi-pass algorithm to choose the smallest set of logged QSOs to attain the maximum available DXCC credit. For example, suppose you are pursuing DXCC on both 160m and in RTTY, already have DXCC credit for P5 on 80m and for P5 in CW,  and have the following LoTW-confirmed QSOs in your log:

P5CW on 160m in CW

P5RY on 80m in RTTY

P5DX on 160m RTTY

+ LoTW might choose your P5CW and P5RY QSOs. DXKeeper will always choose your P5DX QSO.

+ When you use DXKeeper to generate a submission, you direct LoTW to submit specific LoTW-confirmed QSOs chosen by DXKeeper. DXKeeper also generates an ADIF file specifying QSOs confirmed via QSL cards that you then submit via the ARRL's "Online DXCC". Step-by-step instructions for all of this are here:


3- If I do it through LotW directly, is there a way to bring in, through LotW site, the eQSL confirmed Eqsl ?

+ No. QSOs confirmed via eQSL are not valid for DXCC or for any other ARRL-sponsored awards.

4 If I do it directly through LotW,how would I be able to update those Verified QSO's into my DXK records is it by clicking " CTR Sync LotW QSL" only ?

+ No. As described in the documentation cited above, after you receive a "credit slip" from the ARRL indicating that your submission was fully approved, you click the "Verify Submission" button on the "DXKeeper DXCC Submission" window; this promotes the DXCC status of each logged QSO in your submission to "credit granted" by setting "QSL Rcvd" to 'V' (for QSOs confirmed via QSL Cards" or by setting "LoTW QSL Rcvd" to 'V' (for QSOs confirmed via LoTW).

5- I understand that the first step is to verify the QSO's with LOTW and EQSL through DXK. once this operation is done, then the application process follows.. is this correct?

+ No. "verify the QSOs with LoTW" is a meaningless concept, and eQSL plays no role in ARRL awards.

6- because the confirmed QSO's are a daily ongoing process, am I correct in stating that this same verification process should be carried on from time to time, to keep a record of the verified QSO's for further accreditation of awards? hence, is it the same process again?

+ You can submit confirmed QSOs to the ARRL for award credit as often as you like. Many DXers make one annual submission each December so that their updated statistics will be included in the ARRL's Annual DXCC Yearbook:


7- is there any other easier process?

+ Not to my knowledge.

and what is a rule of thumb to follow besides backing up the data base before doing anything?

+ Review all of the step-by-step instructions cited above before taking any action. If you have questions or concerns, post them here. "Measure twice, cut once".


               Dave, AA6YQ

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