Re: Unexpected SC font color changes

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I recently started seeing this behavior when working a station from SC in WW.

I see a cw spot for a station from a country that I already have verified ( font color set to black) but I want to work it anyway so I double mouse click on it SC passes the info to WW and Commander QSY's the rig.
I listen for the station, copy his call sign and call him He answers my call so I click Begin in WW We complete the QSO and I click Log in WW and DXkeeper is updated.
This is where the unexpected happens. After logging the QSO all the existing spot in SC for CW, on that band, and that DXCC, fonts change color to unworked B or M (font is set to green). The Needed column in SC stays blank.

+ The next time this happens, please do the following:

1. terminate SpotCollector

2. place a copy of the Spots.mdb file from SpotCollector's Databases folder into a zip archive

3. restart SpotCollector

4. attach the zip archive to an email message that describes the callsign, band, mode, date, and time of the station whose Spot Database Entry was colored incorrectly after logging a QSO with it

5. send the email message to me via

aa6yq (at)


Dave, AA6YQ

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