Re: DXCC Progress Report

Stan Gammons

Hi Dave,

On 6/16/2019 10:53 AM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:

The card column.

+ My impression is that you are unhappy with the data you see in the card column, not with your inability to understand what the data represents.

+ A logged QSO whose "QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V' has been granted DXCC award credit for a QSL card confirmation. See


+ The cell in a "verified" row's "Card" column displays the number of DXCC entities with at least one QSL card whose "QSL Rcvd" item is set to 'V'.
Ok. It must be the cards I requested using Clublog then.

+ Did you run the "DXCC Compare" function as suggested?
Yes. It said no discrepancies were found.




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