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Jim N7US

I now use PstRotatorAz and its SteppIR controller. It's extremely
configurable and is very reasonably priced.

Jim N7US

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+ AA6YQ comments below

Hi all but Dave especially,

with DXview i can control my rotator using my home made interface and
programmend an arduino board (home made software also) to emulate YAESU
control box.

As it has the funtion to be asked for the real current position, is possible
to have dxview send the opportune command and display the result? (not the
requested positionas now)

+ DXView doesn't display the current position of any rotator; it assumes
+ that your rotator controller does that. If you need this
capability, DXView can interoperate with "N1MM Rotor", which displays your
rotator's current position.

Another possible integration of DXView is the ability to send additional,
non standard, command to the rotator controller using "user defined string"
in variuos situation as: program start, program shutdown, before and after
requesting a new position or pressing a button as in others program in the
suite: ex: spotcollector has buttons for user pre-defined query.

+ It's likely that only a handful of DXLab users would benefit from the
ability to define and send custom rotator commands.


Dave, AA6YQ

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