Re: Sorting help?

ND9G Mike

Try this in the filter text box at the bottom of the log page display and pressing Ctrl and S

Band='6M' AND QSO_Begin>#6/16/2019# AND QSO_Begin<#6/17/2019#

The two dates are there in case you want to limit to a specific date(s) that is prior to today. If you are only looking for "today", then 

Band='6M' AND QSO_Begin>#6/16/2019# 

Mike ND9G

On Sun, Jun 16, 2019 at 10:21 AM Gordon LaPoint <gordon.lapoint@...> wrote:
I am trying to sort my log to display only 6mtr contacts on 2019-6-16.

In the DXKeeper Advanced Sorts, Filters, & Modifiers page I have as
selection one "Band=6Mtr AND Date=#2019-6-16#" without the quotes

How do I use this to sort the page?


Gordon - N1MGO

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