Re: FT8 Spot Showing As JT65

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I've finally reassembled my station after a major shack remodel. My wife is thrilled . ;>)

I've made a few FT8 contacts, and I've noticed that when I spot them via DXKeeper, they appear in Spot Collector as JT65 spots.

I've checked the DXK Databases folder and find that I'm using the DefaultModes.txt file, and that FT8 is there. I have no Modes.txt

So, I conclude I have some user parameter incorrectly set.

What might I look next?

+ When an incoming spot doesn't specify a mode in its "spot notes", SpotCollector looks up the frequency in your sub-band definition
file to see in what sub-band the spot lies, and what you've designated as the predominant mode in that sub-band.


+ Your SpotCollector folder includes a sub-band definition file named

BandModes 2019-05-02.txt

+ that represents my attempt to capture current sub-band usage. You can configure SpotCollector to use it "as is", modify it as you
wish, or build your own sub-band definition file from scratch.


Dave, AA6YQ

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