Re: missing PTT with Flex and WSJT-X

Jamie WW3S

new ssdr version fixes that. 

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As I went through the FLEX 6600 / DXLab install process with SmartSDR and Windows 10, I had the same issue. Once I settled on SmartSDR v3.0.19 I found I could not make FT-8 transmissions if I was running Commander. So I chose NOT to run Commander until FRS provides the fix with v3.0.2X. Instead I have the WSJT-X RADIO setting as KENWOOD TS-2000, PTT COM 21 (SmartSDR PTT 21/121), SPLIT None.

As FRS has provided release notes for v3.0.24, the fix should happen soon for those who want to run the latest version of SmartSDR and Commander. I've found DXLab Wiki FlexSignature to be very useful in getting everything running.


Gary ~ AB9M

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Subject: Re: [DXLab] missing PTT with Flex and WSJT-X
+ AA6YQ comments below

If you've had a windows update, you probably have the com ports corrupted.
You may need to download then extract, install, run,
reboot and WSJT-X will be able to PTT the 6600. If not, you need to create a
SmartSDR CAT PTT com port, and provide the port number to WSJt-X /

+ Commander does not use COM ports to interact with Flex Signature radios
like the 6600, nor does it use SmartSDR CAT. Commander interacts with Flex
Signature radios via your Ethernet local area network.


             Dave, AA6YQ

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