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Say I have an entry in this report as follows:

"149   851347831      card           6Y5BF           82  1976-01-01      20M         CW   no exact match found in log, new Entity, Entity-Band, Entity-Mode"

Is the part following the mode received from ARRL, or  is that DXKeeper's analysis based on what *it* knows about, in this case, the status of various QSOs with 6Y5 as of 1976?  When I do the various on-line lookups on my Logbook's DXCC Report, it appears to say that I have gotten credit for the entity and the mode, but not yet for the band.  Is there any efficient way to repeat this process for each listing in the report? 

+ The “notes” in the above entry mean that you have no logged QSO with 6Y5BF on 20m CW dated 1976-01-01. The credit specifies an entity, an entity-band, and an entity-mode.

+ The process for manually linking credits to QSOs is interactive,  proceeding one credit at a time because the user’s judgment is required in each case.

This is what I get from the Mixed listing:

Worked Station
















.  Can you tell from the way these listings are formatted whether credit was given for mode or band?  Is this the significance of the "(CW)"?

+ I don’t know to what “the Mixed listing” refers. If the “Worked Station Worked …” entry above comes from an ARRL report, you should ask someone from the ARRL for an explanation of its meaning.


               Dave, AA6YQ

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