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Ted Boerkamp

Hi Dave...thanks for the reply you sent me....
I have now followed the docs and created a workspace VE3SS....I have saved
the settings of 8 programs to it....
Question is...going forward is this folder location the new default location
for anything that changes with
respect to the 8 files in the folder??? There is nothing more I have to do
to make this the default folder location
that the program looks to on a daily basis??
This would be the folder that everyone says to backup as well as the
automatic backup of the log file...right??
Let me know.....thanks again...I really love your program(s) and I dont know
why I waited so long to try it.

Ted VE3SS (Stoney Creek, Ontario)

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Hello.....I have migrated over to DXLabs about a year ago and realized only
now after seeing emails about doing backups etc that I
have never created a workspace within DXLab at all up to this point. I am
trying to read the help files but I wanted to ask
everyone what the benefits are to creating a workspace?

+ When your computer fails (and it will fail at some point), the backup copy
of your Workspace will eliminate the need for you to
configure each of your DXLab applications as you currently have them
configured. The time savings is typically measured in hours.

Can I still create a new workspace now?

+ Certainly.

I do have DXLabs creating an automatic backup file of my log when I close
out the program but is there a reason to save a copy of
the working log file as well at the same time, as I read some are doing?

+ When your computer fails, your log file may be corrupted. Making a backup
copy after every session -- on another network connected
computer, on a cloud-based storage service, or both (my recommendation) -
will prevent the loss of your logged QSOs.



Dave, AA6YQ

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