Excess DXKeeper files in C:/DXLab/DXKeeper

Mark W2OR <reston2010mm-orders@...>

EXCESS  DXKEEPER  FILES.   Screen Shots and Notes below


     I'd be interested to know what others have done in the way of pruning some of the unnecessary files in C:/DXLab/DXKeeper.

     In line of background, in this old, 11-year old main computer here, inside the  C:/DXLab/DXKeeper files, there appears to be an overabundance of useless files.  These include 129 large, separate DXKeeper.exe files.  These .exe files range from the earliest, created in Year 2008 with 6800 KB, to the latest DXKeeper.exe file, created 3.15.2019, with 13,800 KB.  There are 129 of these large files, and I have no idea what setting has allowed their repeated creation.  As an aside, DXKeeper is open and closed about once each week; the start process takes about 50 seconds before the main log appears.  Having so many large .exe files is worrisome to me.  As you can probably tell from this writing, I'm not computer literate, and so not sure what's going on.   (I've created screen shots of the beginning, and the end, of this large DXKeeper file.)  It would be good to know what can be deleted of these .exe files, and what should stay.   Or perhaps do a log backup, remove most everything in DXKeeper, then re-install from scratch for a fresh start.  If there's a setting or two to be changed, to prevent the creation of further unnecessary files, that would be good to know.   I'd be interested in what other have done.   Thanks.

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