DXK QSO distance

Andy k3wyc <a.durbin@...>

I wanted to know if my recent QSO with Mauritius Island was the longest distance QSO with my 40 m attic dipole.   I followed the  instructions  to populate path with "S" and then computed the distances.  It turned out that a previous QSO with Reunion was reported as being a couple of miles longer.   Everything worked as I had expected.

Today I noticed that new QSO which include a grid show a path distance even though propagation/antenna/path is blank.   How is path distance being computed for these QSO without needing me to set the path and force a distance compute?   In other words - if the distance can be computed now then why wasn't it for all the previous QSO?  Just curious, it's not a problem.

Andy, k3wyc

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