Re: PropView band selection

Dave AA6YQ

* AA6YQ comments below

+ Before generating a "To the DX Station" prediction, specify the appropriate Takeoff angle and Power in the "Your Station" panel on the Main window's Parameters tab.

Seems a bit clumsy but, yes, that does work. Wouldn't a Freq selection under the mode selection of Parameters/Conditions be more convenient? The available choices would be Rig and all the bands that are populated in "frequency dependent settings". Setting would default to Rig at program start.

However. given the number of replies to my original post, I doubt there is enough interest to justify the effort.

* Better automation for the "generate a propagation prediction for Band A while the radio is on Band B" scenario is certainly possible, but my suspicion is that its use would be so infrequent that few would remember how to employ it. Typing in a take-off angle and power output isn't that clumsy...


Dave, AA6YQ

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