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Stan Gammons

After downloading the ISO from MS a few weeks back and using a Win 7 key, it worked for me.  I did the upgrade though, not a clean install.  Probably should have done a clean install.



On 4/20/19 4:20 PM, Phil Cooper via Groups.Io wrote:

Hi all,


As far as I know, the free update IS still available, providing you have a valid Win 7 key.

You can download the Win10 package and use your Win7 key to activate it. The only condition is that you get the same version of Win10 as you have of Win7.


This is how I recently got a Win10 machine with my Win7 key.


73 de Phil GU0SUP


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  I could be wrong but I don't think the free upgrade to Win10 is available anymore. If not, I would suggest investing in new or reconditioned hardware (including Win10) rather than putting out over $100 for Win10 alone. You can get a reconditioned I5 or I7 based computer, again, with Win10, for a couple hundred dollars. Got my last one thru Walmart and couldn't be happier. I upgraded it to a SSD and maxed the RAM but wouldn't of had to do either.

Mike / W8DN

On 4/19/2019 5:15 PM, n4qwf . wrote:

Thanks for all the comments. Sounds like a clean install would be the way to go. I will still likely wait until I have no choice but move to Win 10. When Dave says he is still holding on to Win 7 that sure impresses me.


When I got the Flex Radio I set it up using a computer that was built especially for the system. It has always preformed excellently. It has handled PowerSDR, DXLab, WSJT-X, N1MM all running at the same time without issue. I do not use it for email and other internet chores even though it is connected to my in house network and the internet.


I guess for now I will follow the advise "if it ain't broke don't fix it".


Thanks <<John N4QWF


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