Re: Commander and N1MM

Pete Smith

Chris, you need some sort of COM port sharing app.  There are several, but I've had good experience with LP-Bridge by Telepost.  There are a couple of versions so make sure you get the right one for your radio.

73, Pete N4ZR
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On 4/20/2019 2:43 PM, Chris wrote:

I'm sure I'm missing something either in DXLabs docs or in the 900 page N1MM manual.  Today I installed N1MM according to their instructions but when I tried to run N1MM with the DXLab Suite running, up popped the error message that "COM4 is in use by another program".  That's very true and obviously N1MM and Commander can't share.  So the question is, how does one get around this situation?  WSJT seems to handle it by allowing Commander to do the controlling but that option doesn't seem to be available in N1MM.  I have a suspicion that this is just the beginning of the challenge or running N1MM with DXLab.  I've got the Gateway installed but that seems to address a different operation.

Thanks for any daylight Dave or another user can shed to get me started down the path.

Chris NØCC

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