Can't Upgrade Most DXLab Suite Apps


This may have been covered in a previous thread but I couldn't find it.
When I try to upgrade most apps such as Commander and DXKeeper the downloading window just freezes after downloading the update .exe file. Eventually I have to abort the process. The ErrorLog.txt file shows:
>DXQSLModule.ConfigureQSLTable: Unable to open QSLQueue C:\DXLab\DXKeeper\Databases\KE0CP.mdb<
and the shutsdown.
This seemed to happen after some prior Windows 10 update, as I have not done anything with the DXLab installation. I have removed all of the Suite's components with Windows' Control Panel | Programs and Features function and reinstalled DXLab Suite but when the installer attempts to upgrade each component they still freeze.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
BTW: I do have the DXLab Suite running on another computer and it upgrades the programs just fine.

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