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Hi Dave:

Thanks for your efforts.  I am totally committed to your fine software.  DX Labs is the last thing that would go from my shack.  I am totally disgusted with Flex Radio/SmartSDR and will most likely revert back to V2.4X.  If that fails, I will sell all my Flex equipment and go back to Icom where I probably should have stayed.  Thanks again.


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New issue with SmartSDR v3.0.1.9 as follows.  When I call a station on FT8 using WSJT-X of course and DX COmmander, when the 6400/Maestro MOX red light on Maestro and the red on/off 6400 button get "stuck on" other words they do not release and return to receive.  I have to press the MOX button on the Maestro a couple of times to stop the transmit mode.  HELP! 

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           Dave, AA6YQ

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