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Dave AA6YQ

As has been reported here several times over the past weeks, the current version of Commander cannot reliably switch SmartSDR version 3 between TX and RX. Jamie WW3S and I are working with Flex personnel to determine why this is happening.

I've already updated the next version of Commander to handle a change in API command syntax in SmartSDR v3 that prevents the current version of Commander from muting a VFO. After we've resolved the "TX-RX" issue and Jamie confirms correct operation, I will make the new version of Commander publicly available.


Dave, AA6YQ

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Congrats on your 6600 purchase. It’s an amazing rig. Version 3.0.19 actually seems to continue to work well with most DX Labs applications as far as I can tell EXCEPT for the biggie TX /RX control. This has only affected WSJT-X and WinWarbler for me. Flex PTT, however, is easily control by creating an SDR CAT port for WSJT-X and an SDR CAT PTT port for WinWarbler. Both WSJT-X and WinWarbler need to be reconfigured to make that work but it is a simple process once you create the two ports mentioned in SDR CAT. WSJT-X needs to be configured for control by Flex instead of controlled by DX. lab Suites. As for CW and SSB PTT WinWarbler did not require any changes for me if I’m sending CW from WinWarbler or using my PTT hand switch plugged into the Flex.

You our are welcome to contact me at ki0kb@... and I can send you pictures on how to set this up.

Jeff Schwartz

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