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Jamie WW3S

I resisted.....forever.....but needed a new pc and my only option was wasn’t that bad, I now have fresh installs on all my programs, only loaded what I needed, new ssd drive blows the doors off my old pc.....Dave’s work with dxlab makes it easy to backup all your settings/files ( I used external hard drive) and then just import them to the new I said I was one of the guys, but now don’t know what all the wailing and gnashing of teeth was about....

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My opinion is that the Win10 wailing is wayyyyy overblown. I've updated or clean installed a half dozen machines to Win10 with no big issues. Occasionally need to reset a com port. Updates have never been a problem.

I have no idea why others seem so beset.
My opinion as well. And I say that as someone who has never been a
Microsoft fan (I run OS X and Linux IRL). Now, I will say, that
UPGRADING is something I've never done,with Windows (or Solaris!).
Always a clean install. OS X upgrades have been fine and point
upgrades on Linux (say, CentOS 7.5 to 7.6 but not 6.x to 7.x) have
been fine but I've never trusted MS to do it correctly. But a clean
install of 7 or 10 has never given me issues. XP SP2 and later,
either, for that matter, and I've run all those on my PC at N5UWY.

I must say MS broke their interface with W8/8.1/10 and Classic Shell
fixed that for me. Control of multiple sound cards is another nagging
point with W10 (can be done, but not easily or intuitively). I do my
patch updates myself and wouldn't let any OS handle that chore for me.
Other than those things, no issues with W10 here.

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