Smart SDR loaded but not working corrected with DX Commander and WSJT-X


So Flex 6400+Maestro/WSJT-X/DX Labs-Commander worked great 100% of the time with Smart SDR V2.X.  Loaded Smart SDR V3 and now a major problem.  Once I initiate a transmission in WSJT-X, the Flex gets "stuck in transmit" and I have to press MOX button on Maestro two times to get it to release transmit more and return to receive.  Seems like a communications/setup issue between DX Commanded and WSJT-X now with SMartSDR V3??  Any help would be appreciated.  I have no RF issues and never have.  As I said everything worked fine together until I loaded SmartSDR V3.  Flex folks no help so far but they have tried.  Thanks.

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