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Phil & Anne Irons

Hi John...

I don't have a FLEX radio, but I have been running DXLab Suite on WIN 10 for a couple of years, with no problems (fingers crossed!).  However, I have seen several notices, some I believe here on the DXLab reflector, concerning the upcoming withdrawal of support for WIN 7 early next year.  This, of course means no more updates with patches for loopholes in the code, which means that if you are connected to the Internet, your computer will be vulnerable to online trespassers.  It might be 8 months until support disappears, but that gives you some time to convert to Win 10 and fix any problems you might find with it concerning your radio.

73 & GL,

Sydney, NS

On Fri, Apr 19, 2019 at 3:50 PM n4qwf . <N4QWF@...> wrote:
I have a Flex 5000 radio running on a Win7 computer. Due to the many post about Win 10 update issues I have been adamant about not allowing that computer to update to Win10. Now that the dust has settled I wonder if there are any on going issues. Things are working so nicely with PowerSDR and Dxlab and WSJT-X and N1MM and other software I sure would hate to create myself a mess.

Any reports are very appreciated.


Phil & Anne Irons
Sydney, Nova Scotia

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