Re: "which enables DXKeeper to immediately identify QSOs whose confirmation would advance your award progress:"

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Fantastic explanation of the Realtime Award Tracking service design and implementation differences between SpotCollector and DXKeeper. Thank you again for taking your valuable time to help me understand why each works the way it does!

And for describing the steps to take to " filter the Log Page Display to show only QSOs whose confirmation would advance your award progress." I'm going to print this email out and put it in my "Quick Reference" folder.

For my first DXCC Award I've been focusing almost entirely on stations that participate in LoTW. I think if I can get some of the "DX LoTW participants" that I have unconfirmed QSOs with to confirm those QSOs, I might reach the required number quite soon.

+ One more point to be made.

+ Say you have P5 unconfirmed, with 3 logged P5 QSOs, each with a different station. Which one will "Add Needed" choose to add to the QSL Queue? The answer is "the most recent one".

+ While that's the right default behavior, you may be aware that one of those P5 stations is a better QSLer than that other two. Or you may wish to send QSL cards to all three in order to improve your chances for a rapid response.

+ Before invoking "Add Needed", click the RAT button on DXKeeper's Main window's "Log QSO" tab to display the "Realtime Award Tracking" window. On this window's DXCC tab, scroll down to the P5 row, and double-click the W in the Entity column; DXKeeper will filter the Log Page Display to show your three P5 QSOs. Right-click each one, and select "Add to QSL Queue".

+ You can repeat this procedure this for specific entities, entity-bands, entity-modes, zones, grids, states, IOTA tags, or prefixes that merit an extra effort to obtain a confirmation. When done, click "Add Needed", and DXKeeper will populate the QSL Queue with entries for the other QSOs whose confirmation would advance your award progress.

+ As your award totals rise, the opportunities to request multiple confirmations in parallel will decrease to the point where clicking "Add Needed" is all that's necessary.


Dave, AA6YQ

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