Re: What Computer Speed/Memory needed to fully and rapidly decode over 40 stations on a crowded band????


This question has nothing to do with DXLab Suite. You'd probably be better off posing this question on the HamApps group.

That being said, on a busy band I think it is reasonable and normal to see it take a couple of seconds into the next receive period before all of the decoding and JTAlert processing is completed. There is a lot of heavy number-crunching involved in decoding these signals.

Rich VE3KI

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 07:49 PM, Hugh Valentine wrote:
When a band is crowded with greater than 40 stations to decode I experience a delay of a couple of seconds to fill the screen in JTDX Alert.
Is this a function of CPU Speed or memory? 
What is the minimum Chip speed/memory necessary to speed this screen fill?  Or is INet speed the limiting factor here???

I5 chip on my computer/8GB memory.....Would a SSD Drive help?  Or do I need a new computer?

any insight would help steer me in the proper direction.....


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