Re: What Computer Speed/Memory needed to fully and rapidly decode over 40 stations on a crowded band????

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

When a band is crowded with greater than 40 stations to decode I experience a delay of a couple of seconds to fill the screen in JTDX Alert.

+ I am not at all familiar with "JTDX Alert", but before considering hardware upgrades I suggest that you reboot Windows into "Safe Mode with Networking", and re-assess performance. It performance has substantially improved, then one or more applications that Windows is starting automatically when booted "normally" is interfering with "JTDX Alert". The usual culprit is a misconfigured firewall or anti-malware application.

Is this a function of CPU Speed or memory?
What is the minimum Chip speed/memory necessary to speed this screen fill? Or is INet speed the limiting factor here???

I5 chip on my computer/8GB memory.....Would a SSD Drive help? Or do I need a new computer?

+ If performance doesn't change when Windows is in "Safe Mode with Networking", then I suggest that you run the Windows Task Manager while you are running your amateur radio applications. Sorting by "CPU %" and then by "Memory" will indicate whether your CPU is "too busy", or whether your applications are consuming more RAM than is available. Assuming you have open slots, adding RAM is usually the least expensive way to improve performance - but if the problem is that your CPU is too slow for the applications you're trying to run simultaneously, adding RAM may not help much.


Dave, AA6YQ

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