Re: What Computer Speed/Memory needed to fully and rapidly decode over 40 stations on a crowded band????

Peter Laws

On Wed, Apr 17, 2019 at 7:56 PM Email Service <jfriend31@...> wrote:

I have an i3 w 16 GB RAM SSD drive. No delays with screen full of traces. Running W10.
73 jack AK7O
Same config here (in an Intel NUC, which I really like) and have no
issues with FT8 (WAS on 30m/FT8 in 30 days :-)). I attribute any
delay to the software doing it's thing. I suppose a faster CPU would
make it go faster, but there is enough "think time" in the FT8 QSO
cycle that it hasn't been an issue.

Not sure I'd try it on a 90 MHz Pentium.

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