FW: [ARRL-LoTW] TQSL 2.4.5 Defect

Dave AA6YQ

A DXKeeper user reported a defect in TQSL 2.4.5 that could affect users of any logging program that runs on Windows and uses TQSL on behalf of the user.

If a QSO has an error, such as a bad callsign, then the message sent to command line applications is jumbled gibberish. It might have enough text to make out the message, and may not.

This doesn't affect TQSL used "directly", only when it's used by loggers to upload QSOs, but it makes it pretty difficult to understand why a QSO is being rejected.

If you're running into this, there's an updated version with the fix which the reporting user has confirmed corrects the defect.

The release candidate is available here:

I'll be releasing this as production this weekend there's no other issues reported.

Apologies for yet another quick release, but this is a pretty serious defect.


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