Re: "which enables DXKeeper to immediately identify QSOs whose confirmation would advance your award progress:"

Dave AA6YQ

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Thank you for that explanation.

I was anticipating that if I had the "QSL Via" pane set to LoTW, that the main DXKeeper display would show active LoTW participants (based on the LoTW tab setting of "Maximum age of most recent LoTW upload to be considered "active" (months)", who had so far failed to QSL for a QSO that I had uploaded to LoTW.

+ That's not correct. On the Main window's QSL tab, setting the "QSL Via" panel to LoTW simply configures the controls on that tab for submitting QSOs to LoTW, and syncing with LoTW. See


That would suggest to me that I should "ping" that LoTW participant via email, if they had uploaded to LoTW since our QSO took place.

+ In the Filter panel at the bottom of the Main window's "Log QSOs" tab, depressing the CTRL key while clicking the LoTW button will filter the Log Page Display to contain all QSOs not yet confirmed via LoTW, even though your QSO partner has submitted QSOs to LoTW after the date of your QSO. These are QSOs partners that merit an email message, as they may have incorrectly submitted your QSO details to LoTW. See


Isn't that what SpotCollector is advising when a spot shows in the default blue font, with the yellow or light blue background? That I have a QSO logged with that station, but it has not been confirmed via LoTW?

+ That's not correct. Background colors in SpotCollector only indicate a station's participation in LoTW by having submitted QSOs within a timeframe you've specified; they do not indicate the presence of unconfirmed QSOs in your log. See



Dave, AA6YQ

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