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Robert T


Let me try and tell you my settings for DXLab, WSJT-X, and JTAlert.

First I always run DXLab Commander as my rig control.

Under WSJT-X, File, Settings, Radio Tab, For rig select DX Lab Suite Commander

In JTAlert, Select Settings, Manage Settings, Logging, DXLab DXKeeper

Check the box for Enable DXLab DXKeeper Logging

You will need to enter the path of your log from DXLab. It should be similar to my Log File

You can also instuct DXKeeper to upload each new QSO to EQsl if so desired.

I hope this helps.

If it works great, if still having an issue, let me know.  I could have overlooked a setting.

Your WSJT-X will need to work via DXLab Commander as mentioned above.

In this order:    Open Commander,  Open DXKeeper,  Open WSJT-X, lastly Open JTAlert

You can open as many of the DXLab windows you want at this point. ie: spot collector, path finder, etc.

Bob - K2RET

On April 15, 2019 at 7:40 PM Norman Heyen <norman.heyen@...> wrote:

Thanks Bill,
Sorry for being slow and missing that. I'll take a look and see how to get everyone to play together. I'm assuming I need to use JTAlert with DXLab and WSJT-X? Is anything else needed? DXLabs works well for my SSB needs. I've got WSJT-X to work and it logs to the file in WSJT-X.  But I've never really dipped my toe into the digital water so it is all pretty new to me.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM g4wjs < bill.8@...> wrote:
On 16/04/2019 00:25, Norman Heyen wrote:

Is there a simple set of instructions that I can use to for FT8? I have the ‘raw’ WSJT-X package working fine but obviously it doesn’t auto-fill contacts into DXKeeper.

What other packages are needed? And what needs to be configured to integrate everything so I can use SpotCollector and DXKeeper at least.


which is the top of the results for a search for "WSJT-X with DX Lab Suite" and recommended here many times.






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