Re: FT8 and DXLabs

Norman Heyen

Thanks Bill,
Sorry for being slow and missing that. I'll take a look and see how to get everyone to play together. I'm assuming I need to use JTAlert with DXLab and WSJT-X? Is anything else needed? DXLabs works well for my SSB needs. I've got WSJT-X to work and it logs to the file in WSJT-X.  But I've never really dipped my toe into the digital water so it is all pretty new to me.

On Mon, Apr 15, 2019 at 6:33 PM g4wjs <bill.8@...> wrote:
On 16/04/2019 00:25, Norman Heyen wrote:

Is there a simple set of instructions that I can use to for FT8? I have the ‘raw’ WSJT-X package working fine but obviously it doesn’t auto-fill contacts into DXKeeper.

What other packages are needed? And what needs to be configured to integrate everything so I can use SpotCollector and DXKeeper at least.


which is the top of the results for a search for "WSJT-X with DX Lab Suite" and recommended here many times.




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