"Aged" LoTW indications

Steve - N3SL

This is certainly not a "critical" item (to me), but it appears the "maximum age" setting in the "controls" panel, Spot Collector, Spot Database tab has no effect - or "unexpected" effect.

I have it set to 12 months.  Several spots show up as "LoTW users" (via background color indication), but clearly are outside the 12-month limit as listed in the LoTW.mdb database (and in LoTW).  An example is XW3DT, which I worked in Feb, shows as LoTW user, but he hasn't uploaded since 2013.  The date of last upload listed in LoTW.mdb indeed is 2013.

I've gone through the help file, and everything appears to be setup correctly.  As I said, this is not a critical item, but wondering why it's (apparently) not working - or perhaps it's me....

Steve, N3SL

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