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Al Groff

Although the Flex 6xxx will not work via Smartlink, you can configure a COMport in SSDR/CAT/Smartlink and then select Kenwood TS200 or TS480 for the radio and the remote flex will understand


On 3/28/2019 1:42 PM, techpubsman wrote:
Thanks Dave.

I am trying to use the Flex in a remote connection to demonstrate to my club
and during our Ham training sessions different aspects of Ham Radio. If I
can get DX Labs to work remotely with the Flex I can demonstrate RTTY, PSK
31, and even WSJT-X (FT8).

I'll keep plugging away with what I got now. See how far I can get.

Thanks for the quick reply.

Randy - AJ7B

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Months ago, I asked Flex personnel for a description of how to connect to a
remote Flex transceiver via SmartLink. I have yet to receive a response.


             Dave, AA6YQ

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Hi Dave

I am learning the hard way that DX Labs isn't capable of working with
SmartSDR running on a Laptop that is connecting to my Flex
6600 remotely. 

I did see the article on your WIKI page by KB1VFU that gives information on
how to connect DX Labs commander to a Flex remotely.

Haven't got that to work yet, but I am still working on it.

I was just wondering if anything has changed on this subject (remote
connection of Commander with FLEX) since that was written. I have seen some
new releases of the SmartSDR and just asking if there is something new in
those releases that helps.

Thanks for all you do on DX Labs. Definitely a great tool, or set of tools.

Randy - AJ7B

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