Re: next step on the "waterfall-spectrum display" roadmap: request for input

Charles Morrison

Having started with Larry's LP-Pan and NaP3 then moving on to an SDR Play when it was first released overseas, I've gone through the popular packages with the sole intention of using it as a panadapter.  By far, NaP3 was the top performer in terms of its display, customization and information available.  I guess since it was based on PowerSDR (which has splintered so many times by different developers) it delivered the display that I wanted, some thing was smoothe in signals as well as tuning.  If they'd only develop a direct interface to the RSP.  Having the the Lp-Pan and messing with the external soundcards, as well as being limited to 195khz was the reason to move to the RSP.

That being said, the only package that I now use for pandapater purposes is HDSDR.  Console and Uno are nice programs and are probably great for regular users, but their implementation of the things needed for panadapters just leaves too much to be desired.  Too many settings available in HDSDR that are missing in Console and Uno.  Its ability to tune both with my 590s as well as my 5000 make it perfect.  I agree with someone above, the ability to scale back the amount of screen used would be nice, but I'll take what I can get.  Shoehorn HDSDR into Commander, that'd be nice.  :)


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