eddy on5jk

Dave this must be one of the NASAs unexplained files HI.

The 18 duplicates were indeed in my Log. How or why, i do not know.

Dated 2018-10-22 i made 18 QSOs that day.

They were all twice in my Log? Same time. (Hours and minutes) No “seconds”.

I’m pretty shure i logged them only once.

How did they come twice in my Log?

As i said, i always log via Capture, after doubbleclicking on a spot entry in SC.

Ending the QSO, i log it. (Hitting “Log”)

Most of the time, there are many FF-activations near the same period of the day. In the hurry, i do not put the references into the Capture window.

Once logged, i put the references into DXKs mean window  in the comment box.

Then i hit “Save”. Sometimes i execute a “Lookup” in the Capture, sometimes i do a CBA in the DXK main window. Then i hit “save” again.

Strange, i am acting this way for years now, and only the QSOs made in october 2018 were duplicated. Do i did something wrong? Or is it just bad luck?

Anyway, i deleted the dupes now. Will there be any consequences for my next upload to LoTW?

As Always, thanks again.

Eddy ON5JK


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