Re: New install DX Keeper unable to open the logfile

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Good morning! Sorry to post a installation problem but I have not found a solution yet after reviewing the past posts.
I successfully loaded DXlauncher but I am stuck on DX Keeper. When DX Keeper opens , I get the ""no log open" message at the top.

+ There's no need to apologize. Reports of installation problems and defects are always welcome here.

c:\ DX lab\Dxkeeper\Database\WA5TXY.mdb,file does not exist

+ The above pathname includes spaces in unusual places:

- in the 3rd character

- in the 6th character

+ The errorlog indicates that you are running DXKeeper.exe from C:\DXLab

27-Feb-2019 15:32:43 > App.Path : C:\DXLab
27-Feb-2019 15:32:43 > Module : C:\DXLab\DXKeeper.exe

+ By default, the Launcher installs DXKeeper ins


+ I assume that you using the DXLab Launcher to start DXKeeper. Please make a screen shot showing the "DXLab Apps" tab of the Launcher's Configuration window. Attach this screen shot to an email message, and send the email message to me via

aa6yq (at)

+ Instructions for creating a screen shot are here:



Dave, AA^YQ

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