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Norman Heyen

Thanks for the clear explanation, I'll get this setup today. I've had a Dropbox account for years but seldom use it.

On February 25, 2019 at 4:10 PM Buck <RadioK4ia@...> wrote:

It has been a while since I did this but here goes:

Download Dropbox to your computer and register for the free account.
Then direct DxLab to do the backup to the Dropbox folder on your
computer. Dropbox will grab whatever is in the folder and back it up to
the cloud. You can go through the Dropbox app and delete old backups
periodically to clear it out.

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Buck, k4ia
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On 2/25/2019 4:26 PM, Norman Heyen wrote:
Thanks Mike,
I thought there might be a way to save the backup directly to Dropbox. All I see is a directory path. I don't see a way to make the connection to Dropbox. Running DXK 14.8.5 if that matters.
I've got another app that has a menu item to save directly to Dropbox, not saving to a Dropbox folder on the desktop and all of that.
On February 25, 2019 at 3:05 PM "Mike, K9UW" <k9uw@...> wrote:

Hi Norman,

DXKeeper > Config > Log Tab > Backup folder panel


Mike, K9UW
Amherst, WI

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Is there an explanation about just how to setup DXLab to auto-save to Dropbox? That would be much better than me trying to remember to save settings manually.
On February 24, 2019 at 5:12 PM Buck <RadioK4ia@...> wrote:

DxLab can be configured to automatically back up to DropBox every time
you exit the program. A 5 Gig DropBox account is free and more than
ample to hold the DxLab data secure and offsite. If your computer is
stolen or lost in a fire, an in-house backup is gone.

k4ia, Buck
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On 2/23/2019 4:03 PM, Rick Boswell wrote:
Fear motivates us to sometimes take unreasonable precautions. I have
been at the PC game since acquiring a Mac in 1984. Went over to DOS
and Windows around 1990. To date I have never had an "incident"
(hardware, software bug, virus, etc) resulting in data loss and have
never had to resort to using a backup to recover. That said, I am
persuaded to take some precautions. I run Win 10 exclusively now on
10 different computers and do back up the ones I consider
"critical," but not all computers. I use a two tiered approach. My
serious backup software is Acronis True
Image: excellent reviews, flexible. and never a problem. I also use
the Windows system image tool (found under the Backup & Restore
section in Control Panel). These are setup to automatically create a
backup weekly a few days apart. Nothing I do on a computer requires
more than two backups per week. Both of these can be scheduled to
run as often as you like. Given my experience, seems like overkill, but easy enough to do.


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