Re: WW Broadband decode question

Rick Boswell


Ø  >  A Win10 Reset (not to be confused with a Restart) is a recovery option found in Settings> Update & Security> Recovery> Reset This PC. It is a managed reinstall of the OS which is less comprehensive than a clean reinstall. Well described in the Win10 online documentation. More here: . Perhaps somewhat of a brute force rather than a finesse solution, but actually took less time than trying to identify the problem by reviewing event/error logs etc. A Win 10 Reset does remove some apps, drivers, etc, but leaves much intact, so getting going again is not too time consuming. One app that a Reset removes is Norton Security. I did not reinstall Norton before confirming that Commander/Keeper/WW was working correctly, so as you suggested, it is possible that Norton was the source of my trouble, however, I found no conclusive evidence that Norton was the culprit. For now, I will not reinstall Norton, and will rely on the Win10 Defender security built in to Windows. This is likely much less comprehensive than Norton, but since the computer is dedicated to radio use and runs just a few radio related apps, the risk seems acceptable. I may experiment with Norton further to see if it was the cause of the problem.

ØDue to time limitations today, I did not have a chance to look at CPU utilization. 

Ø  > JTAlert symptom: app would not start when double clicking the desktop shortcut or the .exe file. Reinstalling JTAlert after the Win 10 reset resolved this problem. Reinstalling JTAlert before doing the Win 10 Reset had no effect (still would not start).



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