Re: PstRotator / DXkeeper combo - antenna rotating in reverse direction

Dave AA6YQ

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On Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 11:34 PM, <sales@...> wrote:

I am using PSTrotator with DXlab as my tracker.
Before setting up dxview as my tracker I was simply using PSTRotator stand alone and the antenna would rotate in the correct direction.
Now that I have switched to DXview as my tracker the antenna wants to get to the selected antenna direction by swinging through the south - ie if the antenna is currently resting at 310 degrees and I want to rotate to 315 degrees it will not just move the 5 degrees but instead will rotate in the reverse direction down through 300, 290 etc and try to go around a full 360 degree rotation to get to 305. Not sure if this is a PSTrotator issue or a dxlab issue
+ That's the responsibility of the application that is controlling your antenna rotator.


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