Re: zoom DXLab windows?

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

I have 55" 4k, 31" 3440x1440 and 24" 1920x1024 and have been struggling with these issues and windows going away. I have a Nvidia card and will take a look at solutions. B4 had 4 1920x1024 and got spoiled with no issues!

+ And you reduced your total pixel capacity from 7.9 megapixels to 6.9 megapixels, a 13% loss.

Would be interested in how others solve these problems.

+ Consider this procedure:

1. Determine the number of (native resolution) pixels you need to display all of the windows you wish to be able to see simultaneously. Provide some capacity for "transient" windows.

2. Determine the physical size of the monitor(s) required to make the contents of those pixels readable to your eyes; if you are over 50, err on the side of acquiring physically larger monitors, as your eyes will appreciate it as you age. See


3. Before purchasing a monitor, check the professional reviews (e.g. Tom's Hardware, the WireCutter).

4. If you're planning to use an existing video controller, confirm that it can support your new monitor(s); if you're planning to purchase a new video controller, check the professional reviews.

+ I use a single 30" flat Dell display whose native resolution is 2560 x 1600. It's pixel capacity is great, and my 67-year-old eyes find all of the text readable, but the distance from my eyes to either edge of this monitor is 50% greater than the distance from my eyes to the center of this monitor, which results in "focus shifting". The next time I upgrade, it will be to a curved display, or to a pair of 27" displays at an angle to each other.


Dave, AA6YQ

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