Re: Flex 6700 -- Winwarbler missing DAX RX CH 1

Kent Olsen


I have had a problem like this but not with WW. The fix was to disable (NOT DELETE) one of the unused  DAX audio Recording devices and restart the computer. I disabled DAX Audio RX 8 (which I never use) and then DAX Audio RX 1 showed back up in the program I was using. I dont remember which program was giving me problems though.


On Sun, Feb 10, 2019 at 8:10 PM jsternmd <jsternmd@...> wrote:

I concede you are one super-smart guy but please help me understand why would the current versions of MMTTY,  Fldigi,  CWskimmer,  HRD,  WSJT-x,  N1MM+Logger (Sound recording) ALL have no problem listing and accessing DAX Audio RX Ch1 in their setups?  Don't you find it odd that WW is an isolated example of a problem accessing a Windows API for only one of the DAX channels?  I recognize that I most likely have something corrupted and if there is no straight forward method in diagnosing and finding a fix then I see only one option to wipe and restart.

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