Re: WW Broadband decode question

Rick Boswell

Mission not accomplished, at least so far. I have turned off Norton and any other app that I can guess might be interfering with WW, but see no change in symptoms. I did some extensive reading in the Norton documentation and thought the real time protection (Auto Protect, SONAR) was the likely culprit, but turning these off made no difference. Additionally, Task Manager does not show Norton using significant CPU resources when I am seeing these symptoms, nor does it show any other app or task using significant CPU resources.

Some more data points which may help the more accomplished DXLers suggest other options:

1, When running WW without Broadband Decode enabled Task Manager generally shows a CPU load of 2% or less.
2. When I enable Stations Heard, CPU load jumps to about 16%.
3. Wen I then further enable Channel Monitor, CPU load jumps to about 33% and macros execute very slowly or not at all. In both 2&3 cases, Norton shows very low CPU load on Task Manager.

Wondering if the Broadband Decode settings like Decoding Triggers might relate to my symptoms? I have found some sketchy Broadband Decode documentation that says in a sentence or so what these do but does not explain what settings might be appropriate. Start & Stop currently set to 5 and 15 respectively. Squelch at 25/Fast. 

I have pretty much decided to back away from this for awhile. However, I have been hands on with computer hardware and software since the early sixties and have not yet failed to find and fix a problem in this domain. Will revisit in the fullness of time.

Thanks for all the advice others have offered.


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