DxKeeper linked to JtAlert/WSJT

Jim Sjoberg

Earlier in the week I got a new computer. I installed/moved over all of DxLab and the 45,000 log database for DxKeeper to new computer. LOTW is setup OK, and when I make a QSO on FT8 it logs and goes to LOTW. On the old computer JTalert would show the proper colors and indicate if there was a entity needed for WPX, DXCC, or anything else I was chasing. Now, with the new computer, Jtalert shows I need everything. Colors are wrong and in the Jtalert's call window box's it shows every station in the 15 seconds cycle including stations calling other stations. I have doubled the Jtalert box's to 36 and it still fills them all. Obviously Jtalert is not seeing Dxkeepers database, and I have searched for days trying to find if there is a unchecked box or a wrong entry that has caused all this. I have read a lot of DXlab help notes. Anyone out there with suggestions??

Jim, AG9S

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