Re: JS8CAll to DXKeeper

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

Will the UDP broadcast from JS8Call send log entries to DXKeeper?

+ DXKeeper accepts log directives from other applications via DDE and TCP. If you run the N1MM-DXKeeper gateway, then N1MM-style "log this QSO" messages received via UDP will cause DXKeeper to log the QSO.

+ The next version of SpotCollector has been extended to directly interoperate with WSJTX; this includes the ability to accept a "log this QSO" directive from WSJTX and direct DXKeeper to log the QSO. The primary driver for this direct interoperation is to enable SpotCollector to "color-code" callsigns in WSJTX to reflect "Need" (font color) and participation in eQSL AG and LoTW (background color):


+ "Need" is based on DXLab's realtime award tracking.

+ This direct interoperation between SpotCollector and WSJTX can remain disabled by users who prefer to JTAlert.

+ If JS8Call employs the same UDP messages as WSJTX, then further extending SpotCollector to interoperate with it should be straightforward. I'll consider that after development of the next version of SpotCollector is complete, documented, tested, and publicly released.

+ If JS8Call provides the option to log QSOs via N1MM-style UDP messages, then the N1MM-DXKeeper gateway should log QSOs received from JS8Call to DXKeeper -- but I have not tested this. See



Dave, AA6YQ

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