Re: Running WAS script for 60m issue

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

The CFM box does have the "S" for 2 stations I had worked in Wisconsin. The 3rd station I have a QSL card but no LOTW for, which happens to be the first station I had worked in Wisconsin. So that is what the report was seeing and reported that station. I need to make an SQL filter in my script to exclude QSL cards but still show LOTW confirmation if I happen to have both for the same station.

+ DXKeeper's "US States" report reviews every QSO in the Log Page Display with a station in the continental US, Alaska, and Hawaii to find the award-wise "most advanced" QSO with each state; the award status hierarchy is

0. worked but not requested

1. requested but not confirmed

2. confirmed but not submitted for WAS credit

3. submitted for WAS credit but no WAS credit granted

4. WAS credit granted

+ If there are multiple QSOs with a state having the same award status, the first QSO encountered is what will be shown in the report.

+ Note that the letters S or V appearing in the report's "Card Cfm" column refer to DXCC credit, not WAS credit.

+ QSOs are reviewed in the current Log Page Display sort order -- so if you want the report to give preference to LoTW confirmations over QSL card confirmations, add this Sort command to your script between the Filter and Report commands:


+ This works because QSOs not confirmed via LoTW have their "QSL Rcvd Date" items set to 4001-01-01.


Dave, AA6YQ

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