Re: Cabrillo file for the ARRL RTTY contest

Dave AA6YQ

+ AA6YQ comments below

No to both to be honest. It was a last minute decision to stick with what I use (and it was a good decision). I understand that I should have entered my state abbreviation into the TX Serial# number field and uncheck Increment TX Serial#. But, what does this mean capture your QSO partner's state abbreviation, province abbreviation or serial number in each QSO's RX# <> item?" when the data comes automatically from JTAlerts.

+ It means that if JTAlert is going to log contest QSOs in a manner that will enable DXKeeper to subsequently generate a Cabrillo file, JTAlert must log those contest QSOs in the manner described in


Do I need to touch each QSO after it has been logged and modify the record by entering the other side's State code?

+ Yes. For DXKeeper to be able to generate a Cabrillo file from your logged contest QSOs, those QSO must conform to the requirements set forth in



Dave, AA6YQ

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