Re: WSJT-X with Commander and Flex Maestro

Al Groff

  To use WSJT-X with Flex, you need to have SSDR CAT, and SSDR DAX installed on the same computer as WSJT-X.  The easiest way to install CAT and DAX is to install the whole SSDR package on the PC, which will install DAX & CAT.  You need not run SSDR on the PC.  You can run Maestro to control the radio and run DAX and CAT on the PC to transport audio and control signals to WSJT-X.


On 1/9/2019 12:21 PM, K4PX K4PX wrote:
As I look at NM1W'a instructions to configure Commander with Flex6400 and WSJT-X, it specified that you need to configure SmartSDR menus.  I use a Maestro with my Flex 6400 and therefore do not have SmartSDR loaded on my network PC.  The menus on my Maestro do not have the choices that he specifies.  Advice?

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