Re: RTTY: Which Sideband?

WA8Y Steven

WinWarbler uses same engines; 2Tone and MTTY.

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if you are using N1MM, just use MMTTY as the engine.....thats what Winwarbler uses .....
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+ AA6YQ comments below

N1MM Logger has had the same capability as WinWarbler for essentially the same time period. Look in the N1MM+ documentation for the AutoTRXUpdate option in the Digital Interface window. This option works regardless of which digital engine you use in N1MM+. If you can do this correctly with fldigi, you can do the same with MMTTY (which is the digital engine WinWarbler uses for RTTY).

+ Rick N2AMG and I collaborated on learning how to integrate the MMTTY engine into N1MM and WinWarbler, so it would be surprising if N1MM weren't similarly capable of correctly spotting Mark frequencies.


             Dave, AA6YQ

                + WinWarbler has been correctly spotting a RTTY signal's Mark frequency -- whether operating AFSK or FSK -- for the past 18 years.

        That's good to know. Unfortunately I don't think WinWarbler is an available RTTY engine for N1MM. If it were I would change from using fldigi.

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