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Stephen Rabinowitz

The correct port setting for W9PA-5 (FT8 skimmer) is 7374.
73, Steve K2SN

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Okay. Yesterday morning I stopped using W9PA and substituted NN1D. So I have 3 sources, NN1D, W1NR and CQDX. Since these changes, SC consumes very low CPU, has no unresponsive periods, has no queue overflows (in fact I've not seen the Q: number reach 20), my connection to CQDX is solid, and my PC is silent.

About my database size: Two days ago in this thread I reported a size of 454 MB and 25777 entries. That's about 17kB/entry. Dave reported 85 MB and 42380 entries, which is about 2kB/entry. Today my size is 3.8 MB and 3738 entries, or 1kB/entry.

In other words, every trace of my SC problem is gone.

What's going on? Two possibilities I can think of.

1. W9PA is an outlier spot source. Its telnet data rate is inherently too high for SC. I haven't heard reports of W9PA problems, so I don't think this is the case.

+ My testing of SpotCollector with the W9PA spot source revealed no problems. No other users have reported problems using W9PA as a spot source.

2. Something's wrong with SC or its database engine on my PC. Do you have any suggestions to how i can troubleshoot and fix this issue?

+ Debugging your PC won't be possible until it resumes manifesting adverse symptoms. If the Jet Database engine is not working correctly, you could try uninstalling SpotCollector, uninstalling each of the components that comprise Jet, and then directing the Launcher to install SpotCollector. Note that this procedure could break other applications that use the Jet Database engine.

+ Alternatively, you could backup all files/drivers/installers, wipe your C: drive, re-install Windows, and re-install your DXLab applications and files to see how the Jet Database engine is performing.

+ I have setup SpotCollector on my Windows 10 machine to run with two spot sources: W9PA port 7373 (CW skimmer) and W9PA port 7474 (FT8 skimmer). This is an older system (E8400 core duo at 3 GHz) with 4 GB or RAM running the 64-bit version of Windows 10. I disable the Windows Firewall to prevent interference, and configure SpotCollector to retain the last 3 days of Spot Database Entries. SpotCollector is directing PropView to generate forecast for every new Spot Database Entry.

+ In the 15 minutes since I started enabled both spot sources, 750 new Spot Database Entries have been created. The Task Manager shows that SpotCollector is consuming 25-50% of this machine. The Spot Database is 5.5 mbytes in size. I'll monitor Spot Database size over the next few days.


Dave, AA6YQ

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