Re: VP6D Bearing and Distance

Mark Robinson

My first QSO was 40m cw and that grid square is blank.  All the QSo's after that had a blank grid square until my first FT8 QSO when the DM42mk grid square was first populated.. So it looks like JTAlert populated DM42mk.

After several days a 30m FT8 QSO populated CG75.

73 Mark N1UK

On 25-Oct-18 10:32 PM, Dave AA6YQ wrote:
* more AA6YQ comments below

+ If the first of these QSOs was logged via JT-Alert, and if you have JT-Alert configured to use QRZ as a callbook, then
DXKeeper's "Ignore geocoded grid squares" setting would have been irrelevant, and the QSO would have been logged with a grid of
DM42MK in Arizona. Subsequent QSOs logged via DXKeeper would harvest the DM42MK grid square from the logged FT8 QSO.


JTAlert has its own xml grid override mechanism. If the on-air 4 character grid received from WSJT-X doesn't match the the first 4
characters of an XML returned grid, the xml result is ignored and the on-air grid is logged. If the first 4 characters match then
the XML returned grid is used as it is deemed to be more accurate.

With VP6D using CG75 on-air and QRZ XML returning DM42mk, then JTAlert will log CG75, the DM42 is ignored.

+ Duh. I forgot that FT8 conveys the grid square over-the-air. Thanks, Laurie!


Dave, AA6YQ

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